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Automated Handling System (AHS Series)


Wafer Batch ID Reader System 

WID150R is mainly designed for 6" wafer sizes. This system is suitable for 6" SEMI sstandard 25 slots open cassette. It comes with built-in programmable wafer orientation flat alignment in order to ensure the wafer in a right orientation befire scanning the ID. Moreover, WID150R  is equipped with multi-touch panel PC and GUI customization. The user-friendly system and easy-to-operate system assists the user to operate it easily


Wafer Packing system 

WPS3800 is equipped with a Hirata wafer pre-aligner (8" & 12" wafers) for wafer positioning and orientation check, as well as an OCR reader for OCR and 2D matrix code reading. It comes with a 4-axis robotic arm (radius-theta-height-flip axes) and a 2-axis Cartesian robot with a pick and place mechanism.


Wafer Sorting System 

WSS2200 is designed with the standard of four load ports that can support 6" and 8" water sizes. The ports are designed to handle 6" SEMI standard open cassette and 8'. SEMI standard available cassette. During the wafer sorting process, the robotic arm moves to the designated input load port for the wafer loading process. The Hirata robot controller controls the movement of the X, Y, and Z axis. Loaded wafer from input load port transferred to pre-aligner for wafer orientation check and alignment wafer ID read by OCR and recorded into pc/server through TCP/IP or SECS/GEM. The wafer is transferred from the input to the output load port by using recipe control. 


Wafer Sorting System 

The system comes with 2 SMIF Pod Openers, and a Hirata 4-axis dual-arm ATM robot for consistent and efficient wafer handling. It's equipped with a Hirata wafer pre-aligner for wafer centering and orientation alignment. WSS3200 can perform various types of wafer sorting methods, such as direct sorting based on wafer ID, splitting, merging, slot-to-slot, and drag and drop sorting.


Barcode Printing & Labelling system 

WID8000 is designed to handle either 6, 8 or 12 wafer size on 12 or 16 frame size. System uses OCR reader to read Wafer ID and convert it to barcode format. Barcode generated will be printed by industrial thermal printer on a sticker label. This sticker label is transferred onto the wafer tape by the industrial robot arm.


Wafer Sorting System 

Wafer transfer from the input cassette to the output cassette is the intended use. The machine has two standard load ports that can accommodate cassettes with a diameter of 8" SEMI standard open, 12" FOUP, and 12" FOSB. The system's mapping sensor can determine whether a wafer is present, absent, crossed a slot, or doubled up inside a cassette.


Wafer Weight Sorting System 

The system is integrated with Hirata 4-axis ATM dual robot arm that provides a high-efficiency wafer transfer process. A wafer mapping sensor is integrated into the robot arm to accurately detect wafer presence/absence on each slot. The system comes with 3 work cells to accommodate back-to-back operation without the need for operator interrupt operation.


Wafer Batch ID Reader system

Designed for single port for 4" SEMI standard 25 slots open cassette. 

WID100R is designed with single poer for 4 SEMI standard 25 slots open cassette. System enables wafer alignement and Wafer ID reading of complete batch in a cassette. With its multi touch panel PC and easy-to-operate system, the user can read any wafer ID and slot position inside the carrier in just a few seconds. 


Wafer Batch Transfer system 

WTS300G is designed for wafer transferring, splitting, merging, or Flipping of wafer from the input cassette to the output cassette in batch mode. Accommodates SEMI standard open cassette with 26-slot, 25-slot, and 13-slot. There are four load ports available for the transfer of wafer between cassettes.

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