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Optical Inspection System (OIS Products)


3rd Optical Inspection System

Designed to handle lead frames or substrates for visual inspection and yield management after the die attach and wire bonding process. It’s equipped with a strip mapping system and auto-conversion mechanism for different types of packages. It is capable of performing physical marking with various types of reject identification modules such as puncher, wire breaker, bristle, scriber, inker, laser wire breaker, and laser clip bond cutter.


2nd Optical Inspection System 

DIS8000 is designed to inspect framed wafers after the wafer dicing process. It is able to inspect defects that are observable prior to dicing and also die defects resulting from post dicing process. It’s equipped with two types of defect identification methods, inking on the defective die and a wafer map containing locations of the defective die with classification. The system is capable of performing wafer backside inspection.


1st Optical Inspection System

WIS8000 is a micro and macro inspection system for 200mm and 300mm wafers. The system is designed with visually guided wafer alignment and is capable of downloading and uploading wafer maps to/from the host computer. The system is designed to reduce operator fatigue. 


1st Optical Inspection System

WIS1100 is designed to handle 4" and 6" wafer sizes for optical inspection, wafer mapping, and defect classification management. The system comes with high-performance macro inspection for front and back wafers including micro inspection system. The Pre-aligner is used to ensure wafer centering and orientation accuracy before unloading.


1st Optical Inspection System

WIS1000 is designed to handle 6" wafer and 8"wafer sizes. The standard design comes with one standard load port which can accommodate the 6" SEMI Standard Open Cassette and 8" SEMI Standard Open Cassette . The system is capable for inspection, wafer mapping and defects classification management. WIS1000 is integrated with Nikon Wafer Auto-Loader and programmable XY indexing table for macro and micro inspection. It can perform macro inspection not only for front wafer as well back wafer and micro inspection. Inker module can be integrated with the system for the defect marking during inspection.


4th Optical Inspection system

MPI3000, an optical inspection system, is designed to handle molded strips.  For improved yield management, the system includes programmable 2-input and 2-output magazine elevator modules. The package is handled by a motorized lead frame picker arm that loads and unloads using vacuum suction technology. Additionally, the device can inspect the bottom as well as the top of the leadframe thanks to its flipping mechanism. The MPI3000 comes with smart inspection software that is simple to use and quick to establish recipes with.

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