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Wafer Batch ID Reader System
Designed to read 6" wafer size in the Lot. The system will read Wafer IDs such as OCR, Bar Code, data matrix and QR code markings on the front or backside of the wafer

WSS2200 Screenshot_edited.jpg

Key Features :

  • Designed for 100mm Wafers

  • 1x open cassette station ( Based on Sample Cassette Provided ) 

  • Cassette Orientation Sensor, “Presence” and “Tilt” Sensors

  • In-Cassette Wafer Slot Mapping Function

  • Integrated Wafer Orientation Flat Alignment Mechanism

  • Programmable Wafer Rotation for Various Wafer ID Locations

  • Batch Wafer ID Reading (Front & Back Wafer ID)

  • Recipe Controlled Mapping, Alignment & Wafer ID reading

  • Status Indicator with Adjustable Buzzer

  • Multi Touch Panel PC & Windows 10 Base GUI

  • SECS/GEM Communication Tools

  • RFID Reader Module for Cassette ID


WID150R is mainly designed for 6” wafer size to read each wafer in the Lot. The system will read Wafer IDs such as OCR, bar code, data matrix, and QR code marking on the front side or backside of a wafer using IOSS WID120. Wafer flat finer will be used to align the the wafers. Using an in-cassette mapping sensor, the wafers are mapped to check for presence, cross, and/or double slots. WID150R is equipped with a multi touch panel PC with a user-friendly and simple-to-operate system to let the user get the most out of the system such as retrieving process recipes and maintenance. The WID150R can read a complete batch of 25 wafers in less than a minute and provides outstanding performance while saving time

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