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Wafer Sorting System
Designed for 6" and 8"automated wafer sorting operation, has 4 load ports to accommodate SEMI standard 6" and 8" Open Cassettes.

WSS2200 Screenshot_edited.jpg

Key Features :

  • Designed for SEMI Standard of 150mm & 200mm Open Cassette Comes with Four Load Ports 

  • Dual Arm Hirata Automatic Wafer Loader/Unloader (Robot) with Built-in Wafer Mapping Sensor 

  • Wafer Pre-aligner for Orientation Check & Wafer Alignment and Programmable Wafer ID Reader 

  • Programmable Wafer Sorting Recipe & Robot Controller 

  • Programmable Sorting Method such as Wafer ID Sorting, Sequential Sorting, Slot to Slot Sorting, Drag and Drop Sorting and Sub-Lot Sorting 

  • TCP-IP, RS232 Data Interface & SECS GEM Interfaces (Optional) 


WSS2200 is designed for 6” and 8” automated wafer sorting operations. It has 4 load ports to accommodate SEMI Standard 6” and 8” Open Cassettes. The system used Hirata dual ATM robot arm for consistent and efficient wafer handling. Hirata pre-aligner unit provides precise wafer centering and orientation alignment during the wafer transfer. Integrated wafer mapping sensors provide quick judgment for the operation via feedback on wafer presence and slotting errors to the system. The system’s recipe library is controlled using an intuitive UI and simple recipe management. The system comes with various type of wafer sorting capability such as sorting based on wafer ID, splitting, merging, drag and drop, and slot-to-slot sorting. SECS/GEM protocol option is available for automation host communication for total system integration.

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