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Barcode Printing & Labelling system
Designed to handle either 6", 8" or 12" wafer size on 12" or 16" frame sizes. Comes with auto-converstion system that enables systme to handle 2 sizes for wafer frame.

WSS2200 Screenshot_edited.jpg

Key Features  :

  • 1x Load Port to Handle Metal

  • Cassette (12” & 16” Frame Size)

  • Frame Wafer Presence & Protrusion Detection

  • Gripper with Jam Detection

  • Auto Conversion Guide Rail with Alignment Sensor

  • Fully automatic barcode printing and labelling system

  • Barcode Scanner & OCR Reader

  • Selectable Sticker Label Position

  • Selectable OCR Reading Position

  • RFID Reader for Metal Cassette ID


WID8000 is designed to handle either 6”, 8”, or 12” wafer sizes on 12” or 16” frame sizes. This system comes with an auto-conversion system that enables it to handle two sizes of wafer frames. WID8000 has three main features, which are a Barcode reader, an OCR reader, and a Barcode printer. The system uses an OCR reader to read Wafer ID and convert it to barcode format. The barcode generated will be printed by the industrial thermal printer on a sticker label. This sticker label is transferred onto the wafer tape by the industrial robot arm. WID8000 system is designed to replace the labor force and reduce the occurrence of human error during the process of placing the sticker label (Wafer ID) onto the frame wafers.

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