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2nd Optical Inspection System
Handles 8" and 12" wafer sizes, capable of inspection of wafer post dicing, defect classification, inker classification

Key Features: 

  • Single Wafer Autoloader for 200 and 300mm Wafer sizes.

  • One Load port for Standard Open Cassette

  • High-power microscope with Five objectives (In the range of 2.5 to 50x)

  • Motorized Stage for XY movements

  • Decoding on Customer Wafer Map to QMC Mapping system

  • Image capturing system

  • User-defined reject code & Summary Lot report after the inspection

  • Built-in Barcode scanner for Wafer Map Download/Upload process from the server


DIS8000 is mainly designed to handle the frame wafer after the wafer dicing process. The system is able to handle 8" and 12" wafer sizes with frame/ring. Inspection of the wafer is conducted after the wafer dicing process to inspect for the defect that is observable prior to dicing and also die defect resulting after the dicing process. In general, most of the incoming wafers come with two types of detection identification methods; an Inker system on the defective die, and a Mapping system that contains the location of the defective die with classification

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