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Advanced Metrology System (AMS series)


Wafer Surface Measurement System 

The 6-inch and 8-inch SEMI Standard Open Cassette are compatible with the single cassette load port found on the WSM1200. Hirata ATM robot offers improved wafer handling performance. Integrated with the motorized nosepiece Sensofar Non-Contact 3D Surface Metrology System. Confocal, interferometry, and AI focus variation are the three measuring features included in S Neox. These capabilities, together with the system's strong analysis options, each increase the system's adaptability and reduce unfavorable trade-offs in the data-collecting process.


Wafer Thickness & Roughness Measuring System 

A Laser based Wafer Thickness and Roughness Measurement System designed by Chapman Instrument Inc., USA and OEM by QES Mechatronic Sdn Bhd. A non-contact measurement system measure several parameters in a single system. ( wafer & tape thicknss, roughness, TTV, bump height, bow and warp measurements ) 

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