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Wafer Weight Sorting System
Designed to perform wafer sorting and transder based on the weight measurement value with an accuracry up to 5 decimal points.

WSS2200 Screenshot_edited.jpg

Key Features :

  • Integrated with 3 Workcells for Uninterupted Back-to-back Operation

  • Each Workcell has 1 Open Cassette Load Port and 3 Clamshell /Half-cassette Load Port

  • Hirata Dual-arm 4-axis ATM Robot Arm (R 1-R 2-_-Z) with Linear Actuator

  • Hirata Wafer Alignment Module

  • Wafer Mapping Sensor

  • IOSS WID120 Reader

  • Weight Module with Accuracy of 5 Decimal Points in grams


WSS2150 is designed to perform the wafer sorting and wafer transfer based on the wafer weight measurement value, with an accuracy of up to 5 decimal points. The system is integrated with Hirata 4-axis ATM dual robot arm that provides a high-efficiency wafer transfer process and a pre-aligner unit for precise wafer alignment during the transfer operation. A wafer mapping sensor is integrated into the robot arm to accurately detect wafer presence/absence on each slot, as well as to detect defects such as double wafer and cross slot. The system comes with 3 work cells to accommodate back-to-back operation without the need for operator interrupt operation. SECS/GEM protocol option is available for automation host communication for total system integration.

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