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Automated Optical Inspection System (AOI series)


Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection System 

High speed and high-resolution vision inspection system, PWB2000V is an automated, reliable and effective solution for post attach and post wire bond inspection. The system comes from the area, scanning camera that capable to capture defects by using the 2D vision system. Integrated with a programmable dual XY stage and on-the-fly scanning method, the system can accommodate multiple magazines at one-time operation and eliminate the waiting time.


Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection system 

The technology of high resolution of the line scanning vision system is implemented in PWB1000V for visual inspection and yield management after the die process and wire-bonded process. It comes with a user-friendly software interface, image processing with, strip mapping process and able to handle up to 5 magazines at one time. Moreover, it is designed with a high scanning speed of 75mm/s.


Automated Post Wirebond Inspection System 

High Speed stroboscopic 2D vision inspection system for die attached and wirebond quality in back-end semiconductor processes. User friendly HMI for easy recipe creation and management. Able to configure with various defect identification module. (Strip Mapping, Inker, Scriber, Pucher, Bristle, Laser wire cutter and Laser clip bonding cutter.)


Automated Post Die Attachment Inspection 

PDA1000 is specially designed for IGBT and MOSFET device handling. It is equipped with high speed, high resolution, and high accuracy vision system. The system is integrated with a dual-track system, each track is specifically designed to run in two different inspection modes: Track A for top inspection and Track B for full inspection mode inclusive of 4 lateral sides, top and bottom respectively. This intelligent design provides the flexibility to choose inspection modes depending on the type of application.


Automated Post Mold Inspection System

PMI2000 is an automated 2D vision inspection system for the molded device. It comes with top and bottom vision inspection capability, by using a high-resolution camera, lens, and illumination.  The system is able to provide a wide field of view area capture vision system which results in faster image processing and higher UPH yield. The system consists of configurable input and output loader for a stacked magazine. It's also come with an auto-conversion inspection track for molded lead frame dimensions up to 300mm(L) x 100mm(W) .


Automated Post Molded Inspection System

PMI3000 is a vision inspection system for Molded devices. Comes with a high-resolution camera with up to 1.3x magnification and illumination. Capable to capture small defect sizes up to 10x10 microns under 1.3x lens magnification. Consists of configurable input/output loader for both stacked magazine and shipping box. 


Automated Post Die Attach Inspection System 

PDA100K is made for an automated optical inspection system for die on ceramic panels. The system comes with 2D inspection on die placement and cosmetics defects, as well as 3D Inspection on stack height. The combination of 2D & 3D laser profiles ensures the optimal inspection accuracy covering all possible detections on the die.


Automated Post Probing Inspection 

The PPI3300 is an ideal solution for detecting defects on 8-inch and 12-inch patterned wafer surfaces. A High-Speed CMOS camera with a resolution of 26.1MP and a CoaXPress interface is used in the system. Auto loading, wafer ID reader for OCR and 2D matrix code reading, and auto defect inspection are all part of the standard system configuration.

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