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3rd Optical Inspection System
Handles lead frame substrate size : 300 x 100mm, accuracy of +-25 microns

Key Features :

  • Simple and reliable Handling system to handle Lead Frame or Substrate

  • User-friendly 2D Visual inspection and Yield Management System

  • Programmable Recipe control and Strip Map capability

  • Programmable Magazine Elevator and Motorized Loader

  • Pneumatic clamps to hold lead frame into position during stage movement

  • User-friendly ISP control for Recipe Setup Mapping capability

  • Real-time image capturing and Reporting

  • Various types of Reject Identification Module

  • Pusher and Gripper with an anti-jamming mechanism


ISP3100 is a manual optical inspection system that is able to inspect the wire-bonded leadframe or substrate. The system comes with a programmable magazine loader and programmable XY stage with high accuracy up to +- 25 microns. Besides, ISP3100 comes with an auto-conversion system that is able to handle different widths of leadframe or substrate package. It is capable to perform physical marking with various types of reject identification modules such as puncher, wire breaker, bristle, scriber, inker, and laser system.

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