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1st Optical Inspection
Handles 8" and 12" wafer sizes. Capable of wafer handling, tilting for macro and micro inspection

Key Features : 

  • Designed for 200mm and 300mm Wafers

  • Comes with 2x Hirata FOUP Ports that can accommodate FOUP/FOSB Ports

  • Need Hirata Adapter for 8” Open Cassette

  • R-Theta Wafer Handling System

  • Hirata Wafer Pre-Aligner (8” & 12” wafers)

  • Programmable Motorized stage with Vacuum chuck

  • Wafer Mapping system

  • Anti-Vibration Isolation Platform

  • IOSS WID120 OCR reader

  • TCP-IP & RS232 Data Interfaces


WIS8000 is designed with 2 standard load ports to accommodate FOUP, FOSB for 300mm wafer size, and open cassette for 200mm wafer size. This system is able to be upgraded up to 3 load ports. WIS8000 comes with a robotic arm to ensure fast and precision during the wafer handling and a wafer gripper module to hold the wafer during the macro inspection. The macro inspection platform comes with tilting capability for wafer front & backside inspection. The system is also equipped with a micro inspection platform, including a high-power microscope that can store up 5 objective lenses and a programmable XY stage with auto/manual indexing capability.

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