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1st Optical Inspection System
Handles 6" to 8" wafer sizes, capable of inspection, wafer mapping and defects classification

Key Features : 

  • Designed for 100mm & 150mm Wafer

  • Micro & Macro Inspection

  • Bright-Field, Dark-Field, and NIC inspection modes

  • Motorized revolving nosepiece with 5 Objective lens

  • Integrated with programmable XY indexing stage

  • Wafer Alignment & Wafer Mapping Capability

  • User-defined Reject codes & Summary Lot Report after inspection

  • Integrated with Inker for Defects Marking (optional)

  • Software UI with Recipe Control Module, Wafer Map

  • TCP/IP network communication

  • SECS/GEM Data Communication (Optional)


WIS1000 is mainly designed for wafer size of 6” and 8“. The standard design comes with one standard cassette load port that can accomodate both 6” and 8” SEMI Standard Open Cassette. The system integrated with Nikon Wafer Auto-Loader, NWL200, and programmable XY indexing table for macro and micro inspection. WIS1000 can do macro inspection on both the front and the back wafers, as well as micro inspection. The NWL200 allows you to specify macro inspection settings including wafer rotation speed and tilt angle either automatically or manually. For defect marking during inspection, the Inker Module can be integrated with the system. WIS1000 can decode wafer map and display in a graphical for mat for easy comprehension The user can also customise the reject code and review the summary lot report after the inspection.

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