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4th Optical Inspection System
Molded Strip Optical Inspection system, handles molded strip optical inspection, with programmable 2-input magazine elevator module.

Key Features :

  • Simple and Reliable Handling System to Handle Molded Package

  • Comes with 2 Input Magazine Loader & 2 Output Magazine Loader

  • Programmable XY Stage for Flexible Indexing

  • Programmable Magazine Elevator and Motorized Loader

  • Programmable Motorized Lead Frame Picker Arm and Standby Station for Rejected Lead Frame

  • User-Friendly MPI Control for Recipe Setup, Mapping Capability, Real Image Capturing, and Reporting

  • User-Friendly Software Control for Recipe Setup and Strip Mapping Capability

  • TCP-IP & RS232 Data Interfaces/ SECS/GEM Data Communication (Optional)


MPI3000 is designed to handle molded strip optical inspection systems. The system comes with a programmable 2-input magazine elevator module and a 2-output magazine elevator module for higher yield management. The package is handled by a motorized lead frame picker arm which is using the vacuum suction method during the loading and unloading process. Moreover, with the capability of flipping the mechanism, the system can inspect not only the top of the leadframe but even the bottom. MPI3000 comes with smart and user-friendly inspection software for easy operation and fast recipe setup with a user-friendly GUI.

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