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Automated Post Mold Inspection System
Designed for handliing molded devices based on lead frames and substrate material.

Key Features: 

  • Automated Post Molding 2D Vision Inspection

  • Input/Output Loader for Stacked Magazine

  • Auto-Conversion Inspection Track for Molder. Lead Frame up to 300mm(L) x 100mm(W)

  • Top & Bottom Vision Inspection Equipped with High-Resolution Camera, Lens, and Illumination

  • Wide FOV Area-Capture Vision Inspection Syster with Minimum Defect Size of 5mils x 5mils

  • 2x LCD Screen for Mapping & Image Display, Keyboard and Mouse

  • 2D Matrix Code Reader for Strip Mapping Solution

  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System

  • TCP/IP Networking For Interface With Host Map Server & Storage Of Map Data Over The Network

  • SECS/GEM Communication Protocol (Optional)


The automated vision inspection system, PMI2000 is designed for handling molded devices based on the lead frame and substrate material. The system is equipped with a dual high-resolution mono camera for top and bottom inspection. PMI2000 integrated with Cognex vision consists of 3 powerful vision tools, which are a datum detection tool, surface detection tool, and measuring tool to increase the efficiency of defect detection. High throughput by using the vision on-the-fly area scan method which is the capturing of top and bottom images are executed simultaneously and the captured images are processed at the vision background

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