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Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection System
Designed for high speed, resolution, and speed inspection. Automated, reliable, and effective for post-die attach and post-wirebond inspection

Key Features: 

  • Auto 2D Vision Inspection Tool for 3rd Optical Application

  • Multiple Magazine Loader & Dual Scanning Track Mechanism

  • Capable of Store Maximum up to 5 Magazines (90mm Width Each)

  • Capable to Handle the Maximum Dimension of Sample up to 100mm (Width) x 300mm (Length)

  • High Resolution of Camera Up to 8.9MP

  • Defect Classification based on 4 Vision Tools

  • Lighting Type by using Dome Light Ultra Bright for Stroboscope

  • On-the-Fly Vision Scanning with Stroboscopic Control

  • Programmable Recipe Control and Strip Mapping Capability


Designed for an automated high-speed and high-resolution inspection system, PWB2000 provides an effective and reliable solution for post-die attach and post-wire bond inspection. Integrated with a programmable dual scanning stage, on-the-fly scanning system, and magazine buffer to accommodate multiple magazines, PWB2000 is built to eliminate waiting time for a high-speed operation system. Featuring Cognex 2D Vision system, the machine is capable to capture defects by using a high-resolution area scan camera of up to 8.9MP which is integrated with various lighting configurations tailored to customers' requirements.

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