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Automated Post Wirebond Inspection System
High speed stroboscopic 2D vision system for post die attach and wirebond quality. User friendly for recipe creation and management. 

Key Features : 

  • Programmable XY Stage for flexible Scanning

  • Programmable Magazine Elevator and Motorized Loader

  • High-Resolution Camera Up to 5.0MP with 2D Vision System Capability

  • Dual Magazine Loader with One Input & One Output

  • Defect Classification based on 4 Vision Tools

  • User-Friendly Software Control for Recipe Setup and Strip Mapping Capability

  • Various types of Reject Modules such as Puncher Module, Wire Breaker Module, Laser Module, etc (Selectable for One Type Only)

  • TCP-IP & RS232 Data Interface/SECS/GEM Data Communication (Optional)


ISP5000V is designed to inspect and quality check on lead frame and substrate after the die attach and wire bond process. The system comes with a high-speed camera with a global shutter with 2D vision inspection platform. It equipped with a stroboscopic controller that synchronizes with an encoder and camera. It is using the on-the-fly scanning method with stroboscopic control that able to eliminate the waiting time of the inspection process.

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