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Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection system
High resolution technology of line scanning vision system implemented for visual inspection and yield management after die attachment process and wire bonding process.

Key Features :

  • Stereoscopic Line Scanning Camera System at 7300 pixel (Dual Sensor) 

  • Multiple Magazine Loader & Dual Scanning Track Mechanism 

  • Capable to store Maximum up to 5 Magazines (90mm width each) 

  • High Speed 3D image Reconstruction with 5700 Line per second 

  • Fast scanning speed of 75 mm per second. (Max at Line rate 20kHz) 

  • 3D height Map & Color image simultaneously.

  • High Brightness LED illuminator with Patented reflection technology

  • Cognex based image processing system

  • Defect classification based on 4 Vision Tools


PWB1000V is designed to inspect and quality checks the lead frame or substrate after the process of die attached and wire bond process. The system comes with the new line scan technology which is using the stereoscopic line scanning camera system and is able to inspect 2D and 3D of defects. The defects classification is based on the vision tools in the vision system. Multiple magazine loader with dual track mechanism; helps the user to achieve higher throughput and eliminate the waiting time. Besides, the system comes with user-friendly software control with strip mapping capability for systematic yield monitoring management.

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