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Meeting your expectations....

Our products covers inspection, measurement and handling solution for front-end and back-end of Semiconductor processes. 

Inspection Equipment

Microscopy & Vision Based

Our Inspection Equipment covers optical based stereo, macro and micro microscopy system and also fully automatic 2D & 3D vision systems. 

-  1st Optical Inspection System

-  2nd Optical Inspection System

-  3rd Optical Inspection System

-  Post Wirebond Vision Inspection System

Measurement Equipment

Optical & Laser Based

We work very closely with our customer as OEM manufacturer. Established local supply chains and expertise in project management providing our customer a better cost structure at no loss in quality. 

-  Wafer Thickness Measurement System

Robotic & Handling Equipment

Wafer & Strip Handling

Know-how in robotic handling and precision motion control ensure our handling equipment always meeting customer expectations.

-  Wafer Packing System

-  Wafer Sorting System

-  Batch Wafer Transfer System

-  Batch Wafer ID Reader

-  Leadframe ID Laser Marking System

-  Framed Wafer ID Labeling System

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