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Vison Inspection System

Post Wirebond Inspection System - ISP5000V

High Speed stroboscopic 2D vision inspection system for die attached and wirebond quality in back-end semiconductor processes. User friendly HMI for easy recipe creation and management. Able to configure with various defect identification module. (Strip Mapping, Inker, Scriber, Pucher, Bristle, Laser wire cutter and Laser clip bonding cutter.)

Key Features

  • Designed for Leadframe or substrate with strip size of 300mm x 100mm.

  • Dual magazine loader (input and output magazine)

  • Pusher and gripper mechanism with anti-jamming mechanism for leadframe handling.

  • Pneumatic clamps to firmly hold the leadframe during XY stage movement.

  • Automatic conversion accommodate different leadframe size.

  • Programmable centre support mechanism for warped leadframe.

  • High speed camera system with global shutter and stroboscopic control.

  • Cognex based image processing algorithms.

  • Defect mapping with re-callable image for verification.

  • Various reject identification module for selection.

  • Optional SECS/GEM communication for strip map and recipe transfer.

Post Wirebond Vision Inspection System - PWB1000V

High speed stereoscopic line-scanning 3D vision inspection system designed to meet the high throughput demand in semiconductor die-attach and wirebond inspection. Utilizing dual CCD line-scan camera system from Chromasens Germany, the integrated stereo optical assembly with factory pre-calibrated 3D algorithms ensuring consistent and accurate measurement at all time.

Key Features

  • Stereoscopic Line Scanning Camera system at 7300 pixel (Dual Sensor)

  • High Speed 3D Image Reconstruction with 5700 line per second.

  • Fast Scanning Speed of 75mm per seconds. (max at line rate 20kHz)

  • 3D height map & color image simultaneously.

  • High Brightness LED illuminator with patented reflection technology.

  • Cognex Based Image Processing System.

  • Parallel Processing with Multiples PCs.

  • Multiple Magazine Loader.

  • Dual Scanning Track Mechanism eliminates waiting time.

  • Defect Classification base on Vision Tools.

  • Strip Mapping, 2D Matrix Code, SESC-GEM & etc

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Optical Inspection System

1st Optical Inspection System - WIS1000

Microscopy based wafer inspection system integrated with wafer autoloader, macro front and back inspection and micro-inspection with multiple objective lenses and selectable illumination technique like bright-field, dark-field and normaski interference contrast. 

Key Features

  • Designed for 6" and 8" wafer inspection.

  • Automatic wafer loading and unloading with OCR reader.

  • Programmable XY stages with point-and-shoot wafer alignment algorithms.

  • Wafer Mapping and simple defect classification.

  • Anti-vibration platform ensuring good images during micro inspection.

  • Ergonomic design based on SEMI S2/S8 requirement.

  • Optional Inking module for Reject Identification

  • Optional SECS/GEM communication for wafer map and recipe transfer

2nd Optical Inspection System - DIS8000

DIS8000 is designed to handle frame wafers post wafer dicing process. It is able to inspect defects that are observable prior to dicing and also die defects resulted post dicing process. It’s equipped with two types of defect identification methods, inking on the defective die and wafer map containing locations of the defective
die with classification. The system is capable of performing wafer backside inspection.

Key Features

  • Designed for 8" & 12" wafer mounted on dicing frame.

  • Programmable framed wafer magazine loader.

  • Grip & Push handling mechanism for framed wafer.

  • Barcode reader for wafer map retrieval from host.

  • Point-and-shoot wafer alignment method.

  • Micro-optics with bright-field, dark-field and normaski interference contract illuminations.

  • Motorized objective lens ranging from 5x to 100x objectives.

  • Die inking reject identification module with wafer map.

  • Optional back side inspection module.

  • Optional SECS/GEM communication module.

3rd Optical Inspection System - ISP3100

ISP3100 is designed to handle lead frames or substrates for visual inspection and yield management after die attach and wire bonding process. It’s equippedwith strip mapping system and auto-conversion mechanism for
different types of packages. It’s capable to perform physical marking with various types of reject identification module such as puncher, wire breaker, bristle, scriber, inker, laser wire breaker and laser clip bond cutter.

Key Features

  • Designed to handle leadframe or substrate size of max. 300x100mm

  • Auto-conversion module for leadframe package changeover without manual adjustment.

  • Pusher & Gripper with anti-jamming mechanism.

  • Pneumatic clamps to hold leadframe into position during stage movement.

  • Programmable center support rail for warped leadframe.

  • User friendly HMI with strip mapping control.

  • Various reject marking module for selection. (inker, scriber, bristle, puncher, wire breaker, laser cutter and etc.)

  • Optional SECS/GEM communication module.

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