Wafer Handling System


Wafer Sorting System - WHS2200B

Designed for wafer sorting between cassettes. Use of Hirata Dual Arm ATM Robot with 4 load ports design. Accept 6" & 8" Open Cassettes. Integrated with Wafer Alignment and OCR reader module.

Key Features

  • For 6" & 8" Wafers

  • Various sorting method and customization according to requirement.

  • 4x universal Load ports for 6" and 8" open cassette without conversion.

  • Cassette Slot Mapping function integrated.

  • Wafer Notch and OF Alignment module.

  • IOSS OCR Reader.

  • SECS/GEM interface for mapping & recipe file transfer host computer.

Wafer Packing System - WHS3200

Designed for automatic wafer transfer between shipping carriers (canister, wafer jar and etc) and semi standard open cassettes.


Key Features

  • For 6" & 8” Wafers

  • 3x Open Cassettes Station Split & Merge Lot between cassettes.

  • 3x Wafer Carrier Station (2x for canister, 1x for Wafer Jar)

  • Built-in Hirata Wafer Pre-Aligner (6 & 8” wafers)

  • IOSS or Cognex OCR Reader

  • ATM Robotic Arm with Flip Axis (Optional Dual Arm)

  • Built-in color sensor for wafer, interleave paper or spacer detection.

  • Built-in height sensor on Canister Port for accurate robotic handling. 

  • Optional vision sensor for wafer breakage detection.

  • Optional non-contact wafer handling (cyclone or bernoulli technique)

  • Optional SESC-GEM Interfaces

  • Number of Load Port can be customized.

Wafer Sorting System - WHS8000

Designed for wafer sorting between cassettes. Accept FOUP, FOSB and 8" & 12" Open Cassettes. Integrated with Wafer Alignment and OCR reader module for wafer orientation return position and wafer ID mapping data file according to lot info.

Key Features

  • For 8" & 12" Wafers

  • Various sorting method and customization according to requirement.

  • 2x FOUP ports, come with 8" open cassette adapter.

  • Cassette Mapping function integrated.

  • Wafer Notch Alignment module.

  • IOSS or Cognex OCR Reader.

  • SECS/GEM interface for mapping & recipe file transfer host computer.

Wafer ID Labeling System - DHS8000

Designed for automatic reading of OCR or matrix code from the wafer that is mounted on the dicing frame, then generate and print-out barcode label sticker and affix it on the dicing film. This is to ensure lot traceability after wafer dicing process as OCR code might be damaged after dicing. 

Key Features

  • For 8" & 12" Wafer mounted on Dicing Frame.

  • Load/Unload station for frame wafer metal cassette.

  • Auto-conversion module for switching between 8" and 12" wafer.

  • Programmable Wafer ID reading position.

  • IOSS or Cognex OCR reader.

  • Barcode Printer to generate sticker according to OCR information. 

  • Sticker Dispensing module to affix barcode sticker on to dicing film or frame.

  • Optional SECS/GEM interface for data and recipe control over host computer.

Batch Wafer ID Reader - WHS150R

Designed for automatic in-cassette reading of OCR & matrix code on wafer. All wafers in the cassette will be read in sequential manner. Built in mapping sensor module to skip reading of empty slot and Wafer Flat alignment module for programmable OCR reading position and wafer orientation return position in the cassette.

Key Features

  • For 6” Wafer

  • 1x Open Cassettes Station

  • Cassette Orientation Sensors (detect reverse placement of cassette)

  • Cassette “Present” and “Tilt Sensors.

  • In-Cassette Wafer Mapping Function

  • Wafer Orientation Flat Alignment mechanism integrated.

  • Programmable Wafer Rotation for various Wafer ID locations.

  • Batch Wafer ID Reading (Front & Back also wafer ID on Orientation Flat area)

  • Recipe Controlled mapping, alignment & Wafer ID reading.

  • IOSS OCR Reader

  • Signal Light Bar for Operation Status (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue)

  • Cassette Map File with xml format.

  • Multi Touch Panel PC & Windows Base GUI

  • Optional SESC-GEM Interfaces

Batch Wafer Transfer System - WHS300G

Designed for wafer transferring, splitting, merging or Flipping of wafer from the input cassette to the output cassette in batch mode. Accommodates SEMI standard open cassette with 26-slot, 25-slot and 13-slot. There are four load ports available for transfer of wafer between cassettes.
Key Features
  • For 8" Wafers
  • 4x Open Cassette Station, split & merge lot between cassettes.
  • Wafer Notch Alignment.
  • Wafer Mapping, cross slot and double wafer detection.
  • Multi-axes Linear Motion for handling of wafers.
  • Recipe controlled operation
  • Optional SECS/GEM communication with host computer system.
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Strip Handling System

Strip ID Laser Marking System - LSI1000

Designed for Laser Marking of Strip ID (2D Matrix Code) on incoming leadframe or substrate. It’s also equipped with lead orientation checker, post mark quality check station and post mark cleaning station with air blower.

Key Features

  • For Leadframe/Substrate Stacked Magazine loading and unloading.

  • Dual Pick and Place Pneumatic arms at load and unload station.

  • Handling of interleave papers.

  • Linear Motor slider for indexing to mark, inspection and cleaning stations.

  • Leadframe and Substrate orientation checker.

  • Laser Marker selection according to customer preferences.

  • 2D Matrix Reader for matrix code inspection after marked.

  • Blower station for cleaning of particle generated during marking process.

  • Reject Station for defective strip after marked.

  • TCPIP interface to Strip Map Server to ensure unique Strip ID.

  • Optional SECS/GEM Interface. 

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