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Wafer Surface Measurement System
Designed with single cassette load port to accommodate 6" and 8" SEMI standard Open Cassette.


Key Features :

  • Designed for 150mm and 200mm Wafer

  • One Load Port for SEMI-Std. Open Cassette

  • Hirata 3-Axis Single Arm ATM Robot

  • Hirata Wafer Pre-aligner for Wafer Orientation Check and Wafer Alignment

  • IOSS WID120 OCR Reader

  • Sensofar S-Neox Non-Contact Type 3D Optical Profilometer

  • Objective Lenses at 10x and 20x

  • Vibration Isolation Platform • TCP/IP Networking For Interface With Host Map Server, and Storage Of Map Data Over The Network

  • SECS/GEM Communication Tools (Optional)


WSM1200 is designed with a single cassette load port to accommodate 6-inch and 8-inch SEMI Standard Open Cassette. Hirata ATM robots provide higher performance and effective wafer handling. Integrated with Sensofar Non-Contact 3D Surface Metrology System with motorized nose-piece. The three measurement features found in S Neox - Confocal, Interferometry, and Ai Focus Variation - along with excellent analysis options, each contribute to the versatility of the system and help to minimize undesirable compromises in data acquisition. The system is also integrated with the Sensofar Anti-Vibration Platform to deliver accurate and fast measurements. WSM1200 is the ideal system to measure the surface height of smooth to very rough surfaces.

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