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Advance Measuring System (AMS series)

Key Features 
•	1x Universal Load Port
•	Hirata 3-axis ATM Robot with End Effector
•	Wafer Mapping Sensor
•	Hirata Wafer Alignment Module
•	IOSS WID120 Reader
•	Sensofar Non-Contact 3D Surface Metrology System (S Neox)
•	Objective Lenses at 10x and 20x
•	Sensofar Anti-Vibration Platform
•	User Friendly Software Operating System


Designed with single cassette load port to accommodate 6" and 8" SEMI standard Open Cassette.

Key Features 
• Fast, complete circular scans (360 around wafer surface) 
• Nomarski Viewing System for high definitic visual inspection 
• Scan lengths ranging from pm to comple-circumferences 
• (200 or 300mm wafer) 
• Roughness and waviness data from a single scan 
• Non-contact 3D scans • Automated sample positioning (X, Y, theta) 
• Customized measurement sequences with multiple scans implemented with a single keystroke 
• Automated focus acquisition 
• Closed loop auto-focus system allows focus to be maintained while scanning                                                     
        over samples with varying topography 
• Optional robotic handling


Designed for surface measurements and analysis, it can be used as both a production tool for inline quality inspection, as well as a research and development tool for establishing standards and researching tolerances.

Key Features 
• Thickness resolution (0.1um) providing uniform TTV for production control of wafers 
• Measurements after back grind or dicing provides flexibility for thickness uniformity control 
• Small focused laser spot (1 um) provides the resolution required for measuring bumped wafers and via features


Wafer Thickness & Roughness Measuring System

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