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Wafer Sorting System
An automated wafer sorting system for 8" wafers

WSS2200 Screenshot_edited.jpg

Key Features
• 1x SMIF Pod Opener for 8” Wafer
• 4-Axis Hirata Dual Arm ATM Robot
• Hirata Wafer Pre-aligner for Wafer Centering & Alignment
• Integrated with Mapping Sensor for Wafer Presence, Double Wafer & Cross Slot Detection
• Programmable Wafer Sorting Recipe
• IOSS WID120 Wafer ID Reader
• HEPA/ULPA Filter Integration (Optional)
• SECS/GEM Communication (Optional)

WSS3200 is an automated wafer sorting system for 8” wafer. System comes with 2 SMIF Pod Openers, Hirata 4-axis dual arm ATM robot for consistent and efficient wafer handling. System is equipped with Hirata wafer pre-aligner for wafer centering and orientation alignment for OCR wafer ID read on loaded wafer. Integrated with wafer mapping sensor for wafer absence, cross slot, double wafer detection. WSS3200 capable to perform various type of wafer sorting method, such as direct sorting based on
wafer ID, splitting, merging, slot-to-slot, drag and drop sorting. SECS/GEM is available for upgrade for host communication.

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