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Wafer Packing system
Automated packing system for wafers designed to handle 8" & 12" wafer sizes for picking and & unpacking process from various types of shipping carriers.

WSS2200 Screenshot_edited.jpg

Key Features
• 2x Hirata FOUP Ports
• 2x Wafer Canister/Jar Station
• 1x Interleaf Station
• Hirata 4-Axis ATM Robot (Radius-Theta-Height-Flip Axes)
• 2-Axis Cartesian Robot with Bernoulli Technique
• Hirata Wafer PreAligner
• IOSS WID120 OCR Reader
• Vision Sensor for Wafer, Paper or Spacer Detection

WPS3800 is designed to handle 8” & 12” wafer size for packing & unpacking process from various type of shipping carriers. The system equipped with Hirata wafer pre-aligner (8” & 12” wafers) for wafer positioning and orientation check, as well as OCR reader for OCR and 2D matrix code reading. It comes with 4-axis robotic arm (radius-theta-height-ip axes) and 2-axis Cartesian robot with pick and place mechanism for wafer handling from/to wafer jar. WPS3800 built with the height sensor for picking up and placing accuracy of the wafers and vision sensor to dierentiate the wafer, interleaf paper or spacer.

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