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Automated Handling System (AHS Series)

Key Features 
•	1x Open Cassette Port
•	Cassette Orientation Sensor, “Presence” and “Tilt” Sensors
•	In-Cassette Wafer Slot Mapping Function
•	Integrated Wafer Orientation Flat Alignment Mechanism
•	Programmable Wafer Rotation for Various Wafer ID Locations
•	Batch Wafer ID Reading (Front & Back Wafer ID)
•	Status Indicator with Adjustable Buzzer
•	Multi Touch Panel PC & Windows 10 Base GUI
•	SECS/GEM Communication Tools
•	RFID Reader Module for Cassette ID


Wafer Batch ID Reader System
WID150R is mainly designed for 6 wafer size to read each wafer in the Lot. System will read Wafer IDs such as OCR, bar code, data matrix and QR code marking on the front side or backside of a wafer using IOSS WID120. Can read a complete batch of 25 wafers in less than a minute and provides outstanding performance while saving times.

Key Features 
•	2x Hirata FOUP Ports
•	2x Wafer Canister/Jar Station
•	1x Interleaf Station
•	Hirata 4-Axis ATM Robot (Radius-Theta-Height-Flip Axes)
•	2-Axis Cartesian Robot with Bernoulli Technique
•	Hirata Wafer PreAligner
•	IOSS WID120 OCR Reader
•	Vision Sensor for Wafer, Paper or Spacer Detection


Wafer Packing system
WPS3800 is equipped with Hirata wafer pre-aligner (8" & 12" wafers) for wafer positioning and orientation check, as well as OCR reader for OCR and 2D matrix code reading. It comes with 4-axis robotic arm (radius-theta-height-ip axes) and 2-axis Cartesian robot with pick and place mechanism.

Key Features 
•	Designed for SEMI Standard 6” and 8” Open Cassette
•	4-axis Hirata Dual-Arm ATM Robot Arm (R 1-R 2-_-Z)
•	Hirata Wafer Alignment Module
•	Integrated Wafer Mapping Sensor for Wafer Presence, Double or Cross Slot Wafer
•	Programmable Wafer Sorting Recipe
•	IOSS WID120 Reader
•	TCP-IP & RS232 Data / Interfaces


Wafer Sorting System
WSS2200 is designed for 6" and 8" automated wafer sorting operation. System used Hirata dual ATM robot arm for consistent and efficient wafer handling. Hirata pre-aligner unit provides precise wafer centering and orientation alignment during the wafer transfer. The system's recipe library is controlled using an intuitive UI and simple recipe management.

Key Features 
•	1x SMIF Pod Opener for 8” Wafer
•	4-Axis Hirata Dual Arm ATM Robot
•	Hirata Wafer Pre-aligner for Wafer Centering & Alignment
•	Integrated with Mapping Sensor for Wafer Presence, Double Wafer & Cross Slot Detection
•	Programmable Wafer Sorting Recipe
•	IOSS WID120 Wafer ID Reader
•	HEPA/ULPA Filter Integration (Optional)
•	SECS/GEM Communication (Optional)


Wafer Sorting System
The system comes with 2 SMIF Pod Openers, Hirata 4-axis dual arm ATM robot for consistent and efficient wafer handling. It's equipped with Hirata wafer pre-aligner for wafer centering and orientation alignment. WSS3200 can perform various type of wafer sorting method, such as direct sorting based on wafer ID, splitting, merging, slot-to-slot, drag and drop sorting.

Key Features: 
•	1x Load Port to Handle Metal
•	Cassette (12” & 16” Frame Size)
•	Frame Wafer Presence & Protrusion Detection
•	Gripper with Jam Detection
•	Auto Conversion Guide Rail with Alignment Sensor
•	Barcode Scanner & OCR Reader
•	Industrial Thermal Label Printer
•	Selectable Sticker Label Position
•	Selectable OCR Reading Position
•	RFID Reader for Metal Cassette ID


Barcode Printing & Labelling system
WID8000 is designed to handle either 6, 8 or 12 wafer size on 12 or 16 frame size. System uses OCR reader to read Wafer ID and convert it to barcode format. Barcode generated will be printed by industrial thermal printer on a sticker label. This sticker label is transferred onto the wafer tape by the industrial robot arm.

Key features 
•	Capability to handle 200mm & 300mm wafers 
•	Wafer transfer with 5 sorting methods
•	Wafer pre-aligner for orientation check & wafer alignment and programmable wafer ID reader 
•	IOSS WID120 OCR reader
•	Communication between Host and equipment 
•	High accuracy wafer Aligner for both flat and notch wafers
•	(SECS/GEM) compatibility customized software for wafer maps
•	Upload/Download and easily retrievable from the server


WSS8000 is designed for 8” and 12” wafer size. The system is designed with standard 2 load ports .It is
configurable to handle 300mm wafer either in FOUP or FOSB cassette and 200mm wafer in open cassette
without any conversion needed.The system comes with pre-aligner unit for wafer centering and wafer
orientation. OCR reader for the wafer ID reading and communicating with host computer that enable the
total system integration for it’s sorting method.

Key Features 
•	Integrated with 3 Workcells for Uninterupted Back-to-back Operation
•	Each Workcell has 1 Open Cassette Load Port and 3 Clamshell /Half-cassette Load Port
•	Hirata Dual-arm 4-axis ATM Robot Arm (R 1-R 2-_-Z) with Linear Actuator
•	Hirata Wafer Alignment Module
•	Wafer Mapping Sensor
•	IOSS WID120 Reader
•	Weight Module with Accuracy of 5 Decimal Points in grams


Wafer Weight Sorting System
System is integrated with Hirata 4 axis ATM dual robot arm that provide high-efficiency wafer transfer process. Wafer mapping sensor is integrated onto the robot arm to accurately detect wafer presence/absence on each slot. System comes with 3 workcells to accomodate back-to-back operation without the need for operator interupt operation.

Key Features 
•	2x Open Cassette Station
•	2x Wafer Canister/Jar Station
•	1x Interleaf Station
•	Hirata 4-Axis ATM Robot (Radius-Theta-Height-Flip Axes)
•	2-Axis Cartesian Robot with Bernoulli
•	Hirata Wafer PreAligner
•	IOSS WID120 OCR Reader
•	Vision Sensor for Wafer, Paper or Spacer Detection


Wafer Packing System
WPS3200 is designed to handle 6" & 8" wafer for packing & unpacking process from various type of wafer shipping carriers. System equipped with Hirata PreAligner for wafer positioning and orientation and wafer ID Reader for OCR and 2D matrix code reading. Mapping sensor integrated with robotic arm to detect any wafer cross slot and double wafers during operation.

Key features 
•	Designed for 100mm wafer 
•	1x open cassettes station (based on sample cassette provided) 
•	Cassette orientation sensors (Detect Reverse placement of cassette)
•	Cassette Presence and cassette tilt sensors
•	In-cassette wafer slot mapping function 
•	Wafer orientation flat alignment mechanism integrated
•	Programmable wafer rotation for various wafer ID Locations 
•	(Front & Back wafer ID on Orientation Flat Area)
•	Recipe controlled Mapping, Alignment & Wafer ID Reading
•	SECS/GEM communication Tools (Optional)


Designed for single port for 4" SEMI standard 25 slots open cassette.
WID100R is designed with single poer for 4 SEMI standard 25 slots open cassette. System enables wafer alignement and Wafer ID reading of complete batch in a cassette. With its multi touch panel PC and easy-to-operate system, the user can read any wafer ID and slot position inside the carrier in just a few seconds.

Key Feature
•	Designed for 150mm and 200mm wafer
•	Four load parts available for wafer sorting vertical placement of open cassette 
•	Motorized Gripper Module equipped with 25-slots combs for wafer transferring, splitting, merging, and flipping processes
•	Equipped with reliable Cassette mapping sensor, wafer protrude sensor and cassette placement sensors
•	Product recipes manage by user-friendly GUI software
•	TCP/IP Networking for interface with host Map server, and storage of map data over the network
•	SECS/GEM Communication Tools (optional)


Wafer Batch Transfer system
Design for transferring, splitting, merging or flipping 6" and 8" wafers from input


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