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Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection System
Designed to inspect and check quality on lead frame and substrate after die attach and wire bond process.

Key Features
• Programmable XY stage for flexible scanning
• Programmable Adaptable Magazine Elevator and motorized Loader
• High resolution camera up to 5.0 MP with 2D Vision system capability
• Dual magazine loader with one input & one output
• Defect classification based on 4 vision tools
• User friendly software control for recipe setup and strip mapping capability
• Various type of Reject Module such as Puncher Module, wire breaker, laser module, and etc
• (Selectable for one type only)
• TC-IP & RS232 Data Interface/SECS/GEM Data communication (optional)

PWB500V is designed to inspect and quality check on lead frame and substrate after the die attach and wire bond process. The system comes with the highspeed camera and with global shutter with 2D vision inspection platform. It is equipped with stroboscopic controller that synchronize with encoder and camera. It is using on-the-fly scanning method with stroboscopic control that is able to eliminated the waiting time of inspection process.

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