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Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection System
Designed for high speed, resolution and speed inspection. Automated, reliable and effective for post die attach and post wire bond inspection

Key Features
• Dual Scanning Stage
• 2D Cognex Vision Inspection
• High Resolution Camera with Various Lighting Configuration
• Reject Module
• User Friendly Software Control System

Designed for automated high speed and high resolution inspection system, PWB2000 provides effective and reliable solution for post die attach and post wire bond inspection. Integrated with programmable dual scanning stage, on-the-fly scanning system and magazine buffer to accommodate multiple magazines, PWB2000 is built to eliminate waiting time for a high speed operation system. Featuring Cognex 2D Vision system, the machine is capable to capture defects by using high resolution area scan camera up to 8.9MP which is integrated with various lighting configurations tailored to customer's requirements.

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