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Automated Post Molded Inspection System
Vision Inspection System for Molded devices. Comes with high resolution camera with up to 1.3x magnification and illumination

Key Features
• Automated Post Molding 2D vision Inspection
• Input/output loader for stacked Magazine & Shipping box
• Auto-conversion Inspection Track for Molded Lead Frame up to 250mm(L) x 100mm (W)
• Top & Bottom Vision Inspection equipped with 20 MP camera, 0.5x -1.3x Lens and illumination
• 2x LCD screen for mapping & image display, Keyboard and Mouse
• 2D matrix code reader for strip mapping solution
• Windows 10 Pro Operating systems
• TCP/IP Networking for interface with Host Map server & storage of Map data over the network
• SECSGEM communication protocol (Optional)

PMI3000 is an automated 2D vision inspection system for molded device. It comes with top and bottom vision inspection capability, by using high resolution camera up to 20MP, lens with 0.5x to 1.3x maganification and illumination. System is able to capture small defect sizes up to 10x10 micron under 1.3x lens magnification. The system consists of configurable input and output loader for both stacked magazine and shipping box. It also comes with auto-conversion inspection track for molded lead frame dimension upto 250mm(L) x 100mm(W).

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