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Automated Post Mold Inspection System
Designed for handliing molded devices based on lead frames and substrate material.

Key Features
• 2D Vision Inspection System
• Configurable Input/Output Loader for Stacked Magazine
• Maximum Molded Lead Frame
• Dimension up to 300mm (L) x100mm (W)
• Top & Bottom Vision Inspection
• Wide FOV Area-Capture Vision Inspection System with Minimum Defect Size of 5mils x 5mils.
• Windows 10 Pro Operating System

The automated vision inspection system, PMI2000 is designed for handling molded devices based on lead frame and substrate material. System equipped with dual high resolution mono camera for top and bottom inspection. PMI2000 integrated with Cognex vision that consist of 3 powerful vision tools, which is datum detection tool, surface detection tool and measuring tool to increase the effciency of defect detection. High throughput by using vision on-the-fly area scan method which is the capturing of top and bottom images are executed simultaneously and the captured images are processed at the vision background

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