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Automated Post Wirebond Inspection System
High speed stroboscopic 2D vision system for post die attach and wirebond quality. User friendly for recipe creation and management.

Key Features
• Designed for Leadframe or substrate with strip size of 300mm x 100mm.
• Pusher and gripper mechanism with anti-jamming mechanism for leadframe handling.
• Pneumatic clamps to firmly hold the leadframe during XY stage movement.
• Automatic conversion accommodate different leadframe size.
• Programmable centre support mechanism for warped leadframe.
• High speed camera system with global shutter and stroboscopic control.
• Cognex based image processing algorithms.
• Defect mapping with re-callable image for verification.
• Various reject identification module for selection.

High Speed stroboscopic 2D vision inspection system for die attached and wirebond quality in back-end semiconductor processes. User friendly HMI for easy recipe creation and management. Able to configure with various defect identification module. (Strip Mapping, Inker, Scriber, Pucher, Bristle, Laser wire cutter and Laser clip bonding cutter.)

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