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1st Optical Inspection System
Handles 4" and 6" wafer sizes for inspection, wafer mapping and defect classification

Key Features
• Designed for 100mm & 150mm Wafer
• Micro & Macro Inspection (Including Back Macro)
• Bright-Field, Dark-Field and NIC Modes
• Motorized Objective Lens with 5 Objective lenses (2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x & 50x)
• Integrated with Wafer Ionizer and Programmable XY indexing
• Wafer Alignment & Wafer Mapping Capability
• User-defined Reject codes & Summary Lot Report after inspection
• Integrated with Inker for Defects Marking (optional)
• Software UI with Recipe Control Module, Wafer Map, Cassette Map and Microscope Components Control
• TCP-IP & RS323 Data Interfaces/SECS/GEM Data Communication (Optional)

WIS1100 is designed to handle 4" and 6" wafer size for the optical inspection, wafer mapping and defect classification management for semiconductor industry. The system comes with high performance macro inspection for front and back wafer including micro inspection system. In addition to that, the micro inspection is integrated with Nikon Eclipse L200N with 5 motorized lenses. The Pre-aligner is used to ensure wafer centering and orientation accuracy before unloading and the OCR reader is for mapping retrieval from the host server to improve the process efficiency.

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